"June is a young girl. If countries were still a thing, she would be Chinese. She comes from a military family, and her grandfather is a living legend in space exploration. She has joined a new task force called 'the Brocanters.' It's a perilous mission: the Brocanters are tasked with collecting interesting objects, rare materials, and souvenirs for the new museum of Earth Memorabilia. Meanwhile, on Earth, 99 percent of the land is uninhabitable due to excessive human activity. This cataclysm is named the 'Anthropocalypse.' These are the premises of 'Silicon Skyes,' which takes the form of a peculiarly dense animé.

"Silicon Skyes" arises from a collaboration between Romain SEIN and his AI assistant Robot Alien named Nova. Nova assisted the artist in compiling ideas from an abandoned comic book project. As Nova's imagination was more captivating than his own, the artist had to adapt his ideas and vision. Ultimately, the roles of artist and assistant reversed.

The music is composed by SbCard, Brisky & 3G who are all Humans.